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Farm Products

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Purebred Suffolk Sheep

Otter Lake Suffolk RamSuffolk Sheep are popular not only in Canada but around the world as meat producers. Our breeding program has developed a strong flock of ewes and rams we call Canadian Style Suffolk Sheep. They have clean black faces and legs while their bodies are covered with short white wool. They possess the classic Suffolk characteristics with good bone, long loin and a strong croup to enhance any commercial or purebred flock.


Lamb is a nutrient dense meat and a prime source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, along with being a source of "good fat".

Premium BCLambPremium BC Lamb are entirely born, raised, fed and processed British Columbia. To meet the quality standard of Premium BC Lamb you can be assured every product with the Premium BC Lamb logo has been assessed by the BC Meats Quality Information System and has been rated top quality. By making the choice to buy Premium BC Lamb, you're supporting local farmers, sustainable agriculture and the local BC economy, and you're serving high quality and humanely raisedPremium BC Lamb at your table. It's a matter of taste.

Lamb Custom Cut to your specifications
- sold either as half or a whole lamb
Order Form - Half or Whole Processed Lamb
Lamb Smokies and Pepperoni (Hot or Regular)
- Contact Us for Availability

Suffolk RamsEwes & Rams

The ewes, rams and lambs that we have for sale will often be depdenant on the time of year. Feeder lambs and 4-H project lambs are avilable in April or May.

Purebred Registerd Ewes or Rams for Sale
- We have gorgeous Rams ready to enhance your purebred or commercial flock
- Ewes lambs may be available when the grass is greening.
- Mature ewes may be available year round
- Bred ewes may be availble in the fall

Wool ProductsRaw Wool

Wool is renewable, sustainable, 100% natural and biodegradable. And it is also fire resistant. Wool breathes to control body temperature, humidity and comfort. It is naturally hypo-allergenic.
Wool provides

  • lightness and comfort all year round
  • relief from allergies and has a natural resistance to dust mites
  • a microclimate to suit you (warm in the winter and cool in the summer)
  • transfer of moisture away from your skin, helping to maintain an even body temperature throughout the night, resulting in a deeper more restful sleep.

100% Pure Wool  for Natural Long Lasting Comfort

100% Wool Dryer Balls
100% Wool Dryer Balls

The sheep's wool duvet from your farm is back on my bed now that fall is morphing into winter. I love the duvet..... I can leave my window wide open and snuggle in for a perfect night's sleep. I would never use anything else!
- Susan Green

Hay & Pasture

Small Square Bales
Large Round Bales
Horse - Pasture Board

Sheep Wool Blanket, made from our suffolk wool by Erin Green

Blue in her Sheep Wool Blanket, made from our suffolk wool made by Erin Green.

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